The Finnish Insurance Centre is the central body of non-life insurance companies and the centre of expertise for four insurance types. It consists of the Motor Insurers' Centre, the Patient Insurance Centre, the Environmental Insurance Centre and the Pharmaceutical Insurance Pool. The different organisations of the Insurance Centre have shared resources and management.

The Insurance Centre manages statutory insurance and compensation activities and coordinates the cooperation and international tasks of its members. The Finnish Crash Data Institute (OTI), conducting significant research related to traffic safety, operates as an independent unit within the Motor Insurers' Centre.

The Insurance Centre employs nearly 200 insurance professionals. Its modern premises are located in Ruoholahti, Helsinki, and have excellent traffic connections.

In 2019, the Insurance Centre was in the top three in the Finnish Olympic Committee’s ‘Suomen Aktiivisin Työpaikka’ competition, which annually rewards the most active Finnish work communities. The Insurance Centre has also consistently done very well in the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health's ‘Parempi työyhteisö’ survey, which are related to occupational wellbeing in Finnish work communities.

See the Insurance Centre’s organisational structure here (jpg)

Learn more about the different insurance types on each Centre’s website: